Three years after launching its Indiegogo funding campaign German start-up Luuv has announced it is ready to begin open sales of its video camera stabilization devices. The company has serviced all its backers and is now selling its solidLuuv, ultraLuuv Action and Action Gimbal to the public.

Designed for filmmakers using small cameras such as GoPro action cams and smartphones, the ultraLuuv Action combines the company’s solidLuuv and Action Gimbal to provide both mechanical and electronic stabilization. Luuv says the setup offers 2x 3-axis stabilization, with the 3-axis mechanical stabilization of the solidLuuv alongside the 3-axis electronic stabilization produced by the rechargeable-battery powered Action Gimbal. The gimbal has four modes that allow panning actions, panning and tilting and for the head to be locked or inverted.

On its own the Action Gimbal can only cope with 150g weight, so the ultraLuuv Action is limited in the same way, but the solidLuuv can deal with kit weighing up to 500g.

The ultraLuuv Action is priced €599 (about $630), while the solidLuuv is €349 (about $370) and the Action Gimbal is €269 (about $280). For more information see the Luuv website. Shipping is free within Germany, but looks like an additional €35 (about $37) to the US.