Canon has hit two couple major production milestones today. Specifically, Canon says it has now produced 130 million EF-series interchangeable lenses and 90 million EOS cameras. And in case you're curious, the camera maker revealed that an EOS 5D Mark IV was its 90 millionth EOS camera to go through production, while the 130 millionth interchangeable lens distinction goes to an EF 16-35mm f/2.8L III USM.

Both the EOS and EF series made their debut in March 1987, eventually picking up production speed in the early 2000s as DSLRs became more popular.

The company boasts a 14-year consecutive No. 1 share of the global interchangeable lens digital camera market, as well as the distinction of being first to bring certain features to the market with its EF lenses, including image stabilizer tech and an ultrasonic motor. Canon's EOS Series also has some notable distinctions in its past, including being the first to offer an electronic lens mounting system and fully digitized communication between the lens and camera body.