News Corp. photographer Brett Costello

Another instance of robbery during the Rio Olympics has been reported, this time involving News Corp photographer Brett Costello and his bag of photography gear. The incident took place at a coffee shop in Ipanema, according to Costello's statement to The Courier Mail, where a woman distracted him while her accomplice grabbed Costello's gear bag. The thieves are said to have fled in a vehicle.

Speaking about the theft, Costello said:

I was ordering the coffee and was with my gear and then all of a sudden a woman asked me a question, so I turned briefly, probably for 10-seconds. I felt something was not quite right and my bag with all my gear was gone. She was speaking to me for about 10 seconds, not long at all. I was in shock. No one saw a thing, I couldn’t believe it, I was later told there was a getaway car outside. They work in numbers and they’re good at what they do unfortunately. The police weren’t overly surprised, there was a camera in the cafe but I don’t think that’s going to help.

Several robberies and thefts at the Rio Olympics have been reported. On August 1, for example, Australian athletes had some of their items stolen during a building evacuation. Most recently, reports claim a mugger attempted to rob a Russian diplomat at gun point.

Via: The Courier Mail