With the Manything app, you can set up your own National Geographic type wildlife shoot.
If WiFi fails, the app automatically switches to a cellular signal but offers a number of options to keep your data use (and your wireless bill) in check.

Manything, a new startup, have launched a free app that turns your iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) into a remotely controlled surveillance camera. Still and video capture can be triggered by motion or sound (the latter can also activate the flash), or manually activated. 

Manything advertises itself as a monitoring tool for your home, wildlife, children or pets — you'll have to decide where you'll risk leaving your expensive Apple device. Captured images are streamed over WiFi to the subscription-based Manything site. Clips can be viewed live from other smartphones, viewed online, edited and shared (the clips remain private unless you decide to share them). 

As a backup, if WiFi fails, the app will automatically switch over to cellular and if the network signal deteriorates, will change to still image mode. A timeline view shows where any action has occurred, so you can move from one event to another without having to scrub through an entire video. 

The Manything app is currently available in the UK and German app stores and should roll out to the U.S. soon. While the app is free at the 1GB storage level, monthly service with more storage ranges from $3.95/month for 3GB (approximately 16 hours of video) storage to $99.95 for 500GB of storage for unlimited devices. 

While the concept is yet another interesting use of Apple's iOS cameras, we can't help but think there's got to be less spendy solutions.