Negative Supply has announced a new version of its Film Carrier designed for medium format film. The Film Carrier 120 can be used to scan an entire roll of 120 film in less than two minutes, the company claims on its Kickstarter campaign. The new model follows Negative Supply's previously launched Film Carrier MK1 for 35mm film.

The Film Carrier 120 features silicone drive rollers and a hinge mechanism to advance the film and then hold it flat in place. The film mask is magnetically locked and spring-loaded; the film is advanced using a simple wheel. The enclosure is made from CNC machined aluminum with a black anodized hardcoat finish.

Negative Supply cites a number of features offered by its Film Carrier 120, including 'near-zero distortion' when camera scanning film, full 120 frame scanning, rapid scanning speeds and a design that is safe for the emulsion. The Film Carrier 120 can be used with the Pro Mount MK2, which is an attachment that widens and weighs down the film carrier for increased stability and leveling. The mount also has an anti-static medium format brush for removing dust.

Film Carrier 120 has exceeded its Kickstarter funding goal of $35k with around $107k in funds and 27 days remaining. Negative Supply is offering an early bird version of its Film Carrier 120 for pledges of at least $379 USD. The company expects to start shipping the early bird units to backers in June 2020.

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