Bout gives you the topic and you take a photo or choose one from your photo library.
Once bouts are submitted, they are reviewed for level of funny and/or awesome.

Internet funny guys CollegeHumor have released a game that seems to combine mobile photography with the popular card game Apples to Apples. 

Bout challenges friends to send each other photos on a particular theme. The photo that is the “funniest, weirdest, and awesomest” wins. Themes include "something contagious," "art made from desk supplies" or  "something you shouldn’t put in a taco," and your only limitation is your imagination.

The photos are then reviewed anonymously by a judge who selects a favorite to win. If a submission is too funny to keep to yourself, Bout allows you to share with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

While Bout is free to download, starting a game requires coins. Users get 200 free coins with their download and can earn coins when they win a game. Once you’ve run out of coins, you can purchase more for $1.99 for 400. To start your second bout, you need 350 coins or 15 friends.

Bout is currently only available in the iOS App Store, and needs iOS 6 or higher. 

Instagrammers may also want to try Duelpic, no coins needed.