Note: Switch the Youtube quality setting to 4K.

No night of the week is more delicious than taco night. And to document the making of this week's bounty of yum, we grabbed Panasonic's new entry level ILC, the GX850, and got shooting.

The GX850 is capable of 4K/30/24p video, something that sets it apart from other cameras in its class (most only do HD). There is a catch, though: when in video mode users are unable to control exposure settings, with the exception of exposure compensation (which must be set prior to shooting).

Still, the exposure values selected by the camera on taco night mostly seem sensible. And despite the lack of in-body stablization, the camera's stabilized 12-32mm kit lens did a decent job keeping things steady. Overall, we think the footage looks pretty good.

Stay tuned for our full GX850 review, to be published soon.