LEE Filters has launched three new Reverse ND filters that are designed to reduce horizon exposure by up to 4 stops, helping you get 'perfectly balanced' sunrise and sunset photos.

What distinguishes a Reverse ND from a regular graduated ND filter is that the center of these filters are most opaque, becoming clearer and clearer as you 'fade' to the top of the filter. This makes them ideal for scenes where the sun sits close to the horizon. And unlike competing Reverse ND filters, LEE claims that its versions have an "extremely smooth and gradual" transition so that the resulting images don't appear to have a strong dark stripe in the middle.

Here they are demonstrated by photographer Mark Bauer, who worked with LEE to develop this range of Reverse ND filters that he says, "do the job properly" without the harsh transitions he's noticed when using other brands:

The new filters are offered in 0.6, 0.9, and 1.2 strengths representing 2, 3, and 4 stops of exposure reduction, respectively. As well, all three filters are hand-manufactured for 100mm, Seven5, and SW150 systems. LEE says its Reverse ND filters work best when used with lenses that are at least 24mm wide.

The filters are currently available for preorder at the following prices:

Seven5: $125 / £81.80
100mm: $175 / £114.34
SW150: $200 / £125.56

To learn more, head over to the LEE Filters website by clicking here.