It might be one of the last manufacturers to the party, but Sony has just released its Imaging Edge Webcam utility, making it possible to use select Sony cameras as webcams with compatible livestreaming and video conferencing programs.

Similar to webcam utilities for other companies, Sony’s Imaging Edge Webcam utility is only available for Windows 10 computers, for now. We’ve inquired with Sony about a macOS version and will update with more information when we have it.

Below is a list of the cameras supported by Imaging Edge Webcam utility as of version 1.0.0:

α: E-mount(ILCE-)

  • ILCE-7M2
  • ILCE-7M3
  • ILCE-7RM2
  • ILCE-7RM3
  • ILCE-7RM4
  • ILCE-7S
  • ILCE-7SM2
  • ILCE-7SM3
  • ILCE-9
  • ILCE-9M2
  • ILCE-5100
  • ILCE-6100
  • ILCE-6300
  • ILCE-6400
  • ILCE-6500
  • ILCE-6600

α: A-mount(ILCA-)

  • ILCA-77M2
  • ILCA-99M2
  • ILCA-68

Digital Still Camera(DSC-/Vlog camera)

  • DSC-HX95
  • DSC-HX99
  • DSC-RX0
  • DSC-RX0M2
  • DSC-RX100M4
  • DSC-RX100M5
  • DSC-RX100M5A
  • DSC-RX100M6
  • DSC-RX100M7
  • DSC-RX10M2
  • DSC-RX10M3
  • DSC-RX10M4
  • DSC-RX1RM2
  • DSC-WX700
  • DSC-WX800
  • ZV-1

The utility is free to download on Sony’s website. Simply select the camera you intend to use the program with and click the download link. Sony has also provided a thorough guide on how to install the utility and set your camera up for use.