With the updated Google+ app's new photo viewing, you can see just the highlights, view the whole album, and apply or remove auto-enhancements.

Google+ is getting serious about photography. As announced last week at I/O, Google's social network is becoming much more image-centric with its latest update. To match the new web version of Google+, Google has released a completely revamped Android app.

Version 4.0 of the app automates many of its features. Google described the new tools in the official announcement:

  • Auto Backup, to safely and privately store your photos as you snap them
  • Auto Highlight, to browse a selection of top shots from every set of photos you add
  • Auto Enhance, to make subtle improvements to the people and places in your images, automatically
  • Auto Awesome, to create fun new versions of your pictures (like animations and panoramas) based on the photos in your library
Google+ will now have more Snapseed tools inside the Android app.

Aside from the automatic tools, Google+'s new app for Android will also come with a ton of customizable photo edit options from Snapseed — Nik Software's popular mobile app for Android and iOS. 

Other updates in the new Google+ app include location services so you can track your friends' physical locations — "making it easier to make plans and meet up" says Google, purposely clarifying that this feature is not intended to be used for creepy purposes. Google+'s information stream has also been improved so users can read news articles and watch videos without leaving the app.

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