The makers of the MIOPS smart trigger have returned to Kickstarter looking to fund their latest project, the MIOPS Mobile and are showing a prototype at their Photokina booth. The Mobile connects your DSLR and smartphone via a Bluetooth LE connection and uses your mobile device's built-in sensors to offer a range of creative capture modes. The camera can be triggered by vibration, sound, motion, a predefined travel distance or a combination of all those events. Advanced timelapse modes are included as well and all parameters and modes are controlled via an iOS or Android smartphone app. 

Remote shutter control is on board as well – functions include Cable Release, Press&Hold, Press&Lock, Timed Release, Self Timer and Timed Release with Self Timer. The system is compatible with 350 camera models from most major manufacturers and the battery provides power for approximately 24 hours of use with one charge. Firmware is updated automatically over the air. More information including a video can be found on the MIOPS Mobile Kickstarter page. The funding goal has already been reached but you can still secure a unit with a $79 pledge. Shipping is planned for April 2017.