Sigma has announced a new line of cinema lenses, a new collection of Art Prime PL mount lenses with Cooke Optics’ '/i Technology' communication protocol and the development of a Sigma-made PL mount to L mount converter.

As it previewed back in July 2019, Sigma has launched its new line of ‘Classic’ Art prime lenses for cinematography. These new lenses are identical in design to its standard Cine prime lens collection, but feature different lens coatings to help re-create the aesthetic of lenses from the 1950s and 70s. The video example below, provided by Sigma, helps to show off the more ‘classic’ look:

Despite the identical optical design to the standard Cine primes, these new lenses feature slightly slow T-stops due to the different coatings. These new lenses also feature Cooke Optics’ /i Technology, which allows the lens metadata to be directly recorded to the camera with every frame, even as it changes mid-scene.

For better or worse, these lenses aren’t sold individually and are instead sold as a single ten-lens kit. So unless you’re a rental company or a happen to have six figures sitting around burning a hole in your pocket, these are probably out of reach for most film sets. The lenses will be available with the PL mount and ship by the end of 2019.

Speaking of Cooke Optics’ /i technology, Sigma’s existing Cine prime lens collection has been updated to include the additional metadata. The lenses will be sold separately from the previous version of Sigma’s Cine lenses, but not all hope is lost for those with the original version of the lenses. Sigma says:

‘For SIGMA customers who have already purchased a SIGMA PL mount lens, a new service to turn their lenses into /i technology compatible ones is under consideration.’

Lastly, Sigma has announced that it’s working on the MC-31, a PL mount to L mount adapter that can be used to mount PL cine lenses on Sigma’s own fp camera system and other L mount camera systems. Sigma doesn’t specify any information regarding pricing or availability for the MC-31 adapter.

State-of-the-art resolution meets the classic “look”

SIGMA CINE LENS welcomes a new series "FF Classic Prime Line" to the lineup. With cutting-edge technology, SIGMA's new "Classic Art Prime" offers unrivaled expression for artists.

The SIGMA Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of “FF Classic Prime Line” as a new series in the SIGMA CINE LENS.

FF High Speed Prime Line has been offering the highest resolving power in its class, that is compatible with 8K shooting with large format sensors while achieving an outstanding compact design. Based on this product line, the FF Classic Prime Line incorporates more non-coated optical elements to achieve unrivaled expression.

It retains the high-resolution capability that SIGMA CINE LENS is well known for, and offers a unique combination of low contrast and artistic flare/ghost in the image. As with all other lenses from the FF High Speed Prime Line, it creates beautiful bokeh effects to improve creativity.

FF Classic Prime Line has implemented newly developed coatings on the glass elements and offers consistent T value across the lineup (14mm and 135mm at T3.2 and the rest of the lenses at T2.5). This will greatly contribute to the effective workflow in postproduction. Furthermore, it is compatible with the communication protocol of Cooke "/i Technology", thus an ideal tool for shooting and editing with the latest technology, such as VFX. A special coating is implemented on the front and rear elements so that the lens durability is ensured as with all other cine lenses from SIGMA.

"Classic Art Prime" is a new solution from SIGMA that is required for the most advanced technology for classical expression. The "look" that FF Classic Prime Line can offer will enable cinematographers to explore new possibilities in movie creation.
From September 13th to 17th, SIGMA is going to display this new product at the IBC 2019 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

SIGMA CINE LENS “Art Prime” Launch

A new /i Technology-compatible PL mount lens in the FF High Speed Prime Line

SIGMA Corporation (CEO: Kazuto Yamaki) is pleased to announce the launch of a new Art Prime PL mount lens that supports Cooke Optics’ /i Technology communication protocol in a latest addition to the SIGMA CINE LENS family for filmmaking in the FF High Speed Prime Line.

Optimized for large-format camera systems and 8K shooting, the FF High Speed Prime Line lenses deliver stunning image quality in a compact construction. A new addition to this prime lens lineup comes with electronic contacts that supports Cooke's /i Technology communication protocol for Art Prime PL mount lenses.

By using an /i Technology-compatible cine lens with a cine camera that supports the same protocol, users can see and record lens metadata such as focus distance, focal length, and aperture. This helps streamline compositing in the post-production process. This is particularly suitable for the latest forms of filmmaking, such as VFX, that call for detailed shooting data.

Prototypes of this /i Technology-compatible FF High Speed Prime lens were used for shooting “Top Gun: Maverick”, scheduled to be released in 2020, showing that the new lens is already in commercial applications.

For SIGMA customers who have already purchased a SIGMA PL mount lens, a new service to turn their lenses /i Technology-compatible is under consideration.

A production version of this new product will be on display at IBC 2019, scheduled to take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from September 13 to 17, 2019.

PL-L Mount Converter

Development of SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-31 announced

SIGMA Corporation (CEO: Kazuto Yamaki) is pleased to announce its development of SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-31, a converter that allows PL mount lenses to be used on L-Mount cameras.

By using SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-31, users can use PL mount cine lenses, which are widely used in the filmmaking industry, on the SIGMA fp and other L-Mount cameras.

A production version of this new product will be on display at IBC 2019, scheduled to take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from September 13 to 17, 2019.