PopAGraph is a new App Store addition to make pics pop. Instructions guide you the first time you use the app.
A masking tool and filters for both the background and masked area help you highlight your subject, additional frames create cutout effects.

PopAGraph is a new app to help iOS users make their photos "pop." An easy-to-use masking tool allows users to highlight a portion of their picture, then apply filtering effects to the background and highlighted area separately to make portions of the image stand out. Framing effects further customize the look by letting users shift the shape of the final photo.

The first time you use the free app (PopAGraph makes its money by enticing you to buy all available filters, frames and backgrounds for a dollar or two more), you'll be guided step-by-step through the masking process using in-app instructions. You'll create a mask over a portion of the image to make it "pop" from your background. The Undo button quickly became a best friend when we had a go with the app today; it allowed us to create a detailed selection of our subject as we switched between the Mask and Erase tools and frequently tapped Undo. 

You can pinch to zoom in or out of your image, and use two fingers to pan while zoomed in (we had more success when we paused before panning with both fingers). Once you've outlined the shape of the area you wish to highlight, the masking tool will fill in the rest. Tap Lift when you're satisfied with the selection.

You'll access the menu via the arrow icon on the right side of the screen to bring up filters next. Swap between the Background and Popped buttons at the bottom of the screen to change where your filters are active. You'll notice that you can try out all the locked options; if you choose one you'll be asked to pay for it before you can share you finished image in any way. 

Frames add a final layer of dimension; you can add up to four in a number of different styles to reshape your image. The Preview button proves helpful here. You won't actually finish the look until you reach the Share stage where you choose a background.

Share options are plentiful: you can post to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, save to your image library, or send via email or SMS. 

Of course, there are other apps that fall into the picture-popping category: Let's hear what you're using in the comments section below.