The Camera Store, located in Calgary, Alberta, has reported a camera theft incident that involved an attack on staff using bear (capsaicin) spray. The incident took place on May 16 at around 5PM local time, according to the company, which says the thief took off with a Sony A7R III camera and Sony 16-35mm F2.8 G Master lens.

The thief is described as a middle-aged man wearing a grey jacket, dark pants, sunglasses, and light running shoes. The Camera Store's Evelyn Drake said in a post on the company's blog, 'We knew there was something 'off' about him since the moment he walked in, and our team was on high alert.'

As the security footage shared on YouTube shows, the man attempted to run away with the camera and the store's employees took off after him. To evade them, the thief sprayed two of the employees with bear spray before fleeing in a black pickup truck.

'Although it is not our policy to chase down thieves, the loyalty and bravery of the staff who risked their safety are commendable,' Drake said.

The stolen Sony A7R III camera body has the serial number 3372445 and the stolen lens has the serial number 1803243. The Camera Store is seeking reports from anyone who finds the products for sale or who has knowledge about the theft.