Most Instagram images never make it into print format but if you've snapped that special shot that you think would look good on your refrigerator door, you can already choose from a number of services. Repostage wants to make the process easier and more spontaneous by allowing you to print any image in your Instagram account just by adding a hashtag.

You can sign up with your Instagram account on the Repostage website. After you have entered your address and payment information, any image on your stream can be printed in postcard format on 4x6-inch card and delivered to your home simply by tagging it with #repostage.

Each print is $1.49. Delivery is free in the US and $0.99 anywhere else in the world. Just keep in mind that to use the service, your Instagram account currently has to be public. Repostage sounds like an interesting option for those who only occasionally want to print an Instagram image and want to keep the process as simple as possible. For more information and to create an account head over to the Repostage website.

Source: TNW