Adobe has announced the 2022 versions of its Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements software. The applications are designed to make creative photo and video editing accessible and fun.

To that end, Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements include what Adobe calls 'Guided Edits.' These are step-by-step interactive tutorials you can use on your photos and videos to achieve specific editing tasks. The new applications add four new Guided Edits, bringing the total to 87.

There's a new Guided Edit in Photoshop Elements 2022 for editing pet photos. Credit: Adobe

The four new Guided Edits include a couple in Photoshop Elements, and the other two are in Premiere Elements. In Photoshop Elements, you can use a new Guided Edit to edit pet photos and extend photo backgrounds. For pet photos, you can adjust color and lighting, select and refine detailed edges like fur, remove collars and leashes and more. In the Guided Edit for extending photo backgrounds, you can use Content-Aware Fill technology to extend your image beyond its original crop, either to change an aspect ratio or just change up the framing.

Using Content-Aware Fill, you can extend the background of your photo. Credit: Adobe

In Premiere Elements, there's a new Guided Edit to add animated overlays to your videos, such as fun butterfly animations. The other new Guided Edit shows you how to adjust shadows and highlights in your video, allowing you to bring out additional details.

Looking now at just Photoshop Elements 2022, the new software uses more Adobe Sensei AI technology than last year's release. You can use Adobe Sensei to transform your photographs into painting-inspired images. You can select from different artistic effects inspired by famous artwork and other popular styles.

Credit: Adobe

Another Sensei-powered feature is the ability to warp photos to fit any shape. You can place one photo inside another by wrapping it around an object, like a mug, or fit the image into shapes, like the sunglasses example above.

Within Photoshop Elements 2022, you can combine still and motion photography with animated frames. You can place different moving overlays like snowflakes, hearts and sparkles to your still photos and then export the motion image as an .MP4 to share on social media.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022 also includes new slideshow styles, a revised Organizer that lets you view GIFs in motion, and automatic software updates.

Premiere Elements 2022 includes animated overlays. Credit: Adobe

Adobe Premiere Elements 2022 includes new aspect ratio options. Many users share videos on social media, which sometimes includes vertical video and square aspect ratios. In Premiere Elements, you can edit and export videos in social-friendly formats without losing content. You can also add motion titles, mattes and backgrounds designed for vertical videos.

Premiere Elements 2022 includes new aspect ratio options for editing and exporting. Using these ratios doesn't affect your original video file. Credit: Adobe

Another new tool is Sensei-powered auto-reframe. This tool allows the software to automatically re-frame your subject to 'keep the most important part of the action in the frame.'

Premiere Elements 2022 includes a slider for video compression. If you're editing and exporting a video for social media, you probably don't need it to be a high-quality 4K video. Instead, you can use a compression slider in Premiere Elements to reduce the size of your movies, making them more suitable for uploading to the web or social media or sending to friends and family in a message.

Auto-reframe is powered by Adobe Sensei AI technology and keeps your subject front and center in different aspect ratios. Credit: Adobe

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022 and Premiere Elements 2022 are available now. The applications are available for macOS and Windows and can be purchased standalone or in a bundle. Standalone versions are $99.99 for new users and $79.99 to upgrade. The bundle is $149.99 or $119.99 for eligible upgrades. Education pricing is also available. For the full details and to purchase the software, click here.