The Oppo N1 smartphone features a rotating camera so users can take 13MP front-facing photos.

The selfie just got a whole lot more high-resolution with the Oppo N1. The Chinese manufacturer's latest smartphone features one camera that can be rotated to face either the front or back of the device.

With a 13MP sensor, f/2 lens and dual-LED flash, the Oppo N1's camera far surpasses the front-facing camera capabilities of even the top phones on the market. The best selling phones in from HTC, Samsung, Apple, LG and Nokia all have front-facing cameras that hover around VGA quality for video calls and the occasional self portrait.

Aside from the obvious benefits of 13MP selfies, if the camera functions in its transitional up-facing position, the Oppo N1 could be used similarly to the HiLO accessory and eliminate the need for a tripod for slow exposures as long as you have a flat surface.

For now the 5.9-inch Oppo N1 is only available in China, but it has been turning heads around the globe. We can't help but wonder if globally-distributed brands will follow Oppo's lead and release smartphones with better front-facing camera capabilities or even a competing, flippable camera. In fact, rumors indicate Vivo might try to incorporate similar tech in its next flagship phone.

Read Oppo's full press release here.