Many photographers consider Moment lenses to be the best quality smartphone accessory lenses out there. Now the company returns to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter with a new product line, this time for video shooters and filmmakers rather than stills photographers.

The headline product is an anamorphic add-on lens which allows you to achieve the same super-wide look and lens flare we are used to from Hollywood movies. The lens alters the field of view of the built-in camera on your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel device and locks onto a specific lens case.

The lens currently works with a range of video-specific apps, including Filmic Pro, but Moment still has to update its own app in order to achieve an undistorted live preview of the footage captured with the lens.

The lens is not the only new accessory for filmmakers, however. There is also a battery case for the iPhone X which can charge via the Lighting port or Qi wireless charging and comes with a dedicated camera button. Of course it's designed to attach Moment lenses as well.

Finally, Moment also debuted a counterweight for gimbals like the DJO Osmo Mobile 2, and a lens filter mount that can be used to attach ND and other filters to any of Moment's lenses.

All the new items can be 'pre-ordered' on Kickstarter, where the campaign has quickly reached astronomical levels of funding—with 21 days to go, Moment has raised over $800,000 against a goal of just $50,000. All this funding despite each item being pretty low-cost: the filter holder is yours for a $29 pledge, the battery case will set you back $79, and the lens is priced at $119. Shipping is scheduled for June.

To learn more about these products or pick one up for yourself, head over to the Kickstarter page.