Software maker Avast is known by most users for its mobile and desktop anti-virus products, but now the company has launched an app with a totally different use case. Avast Photo Space allows you to increase the number of pictures you can store on your iPhone by up to 7 times. 

It does so by reducing the resolution of the images that are stored on your device down to the resolution of the screen. At the same time, the app connects to your personal cloud service – currently Dropbox or Google Drive are supported –  where it stores the full-size versions. So you can always access the original files when needed, but still have a usable smaller image on your device. 

Avast Photo Space also comes with its own camera app which automatically transfers, optimizes and syncs your images right at the point of capture, for a totally seamless user experience. Given the iPhone does not offer any local storage expansion options the app sounds like a good idea for those users who are constantly on the verge of running out of photo storage space and don't rely much on image magnification while viewing. Avast Photo Space is now available as a free download from the Apple App Store