In 2014 Relio was among the first to launch an ultra-portable cube-shaped LED light. Now, the company has unveiled an updated version of its original product, the Relio². Like the original, the new model is designed and manufactured in Italy and comes in a wide range of calibrated colors.

The company says its light offer 'extreme color fidelity' (up to 98% native TLCI) and let's you download spectral data for its lights, making them an interesting option for any color-critical lighting applications.

Relio² modular combinations

The Relio² also looks like a good 'base light' for anyone requiring a customized light solution. Relio says the internal electronics are programmable and hackable. The light is controlled via Bluetooth or can be interfaced with lab-gear, such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi components.

In addition a range of optional magnets, rods, bolts and anti-skid pads let you customize your light-setups in a many ways. For even more flexibility Relio also offers to download models of 3D-printable accessories, including a diffuser and barn doors, free of charge.

3D-printable accessories

Prices start at approximately $180 (159 Euros) for a light unit. More information, including spectral data and detailed specs, can be found on the Relio website.