LEE Filters has announced the LEE100 filter holder, a next-generation filter holder that improves upon the design and interface of its predecessors to help improve the experience of working with photography filters.

Made from injection-moulded composite materials, the holder is both rigid and lightweight. Like its predecessor, the LEE100 filter holder relies on a spring release for easy one-hand operation when an adapter ring is mounted to a specific lens. This release can be used in three different settings to accompany different shooting needs: neutral, half lock and full lock.

The neutral setting keeps the filter holder attached to lenses, but allows it to both rotate freely and detach itself in the event the filter holder gets hit, so the camera and lens doesn't fall to the ground as well. Half lock keeps the filter holder secured onto the adapter ring, but allows for easy rotation of the ring to better account for the horizon and other elements. The full lock setting keeps everything locked in place so the filter holder will neither rotate nor detach from the adapter ring until it is unscrewed and released.

New on the LEE100 filter holder are modular filter guide blocks that come in one, two and three-slot configurations. Unlike previous versions of LEE's filter holders that required screws to hold the guides in place, the LEE100 features snap-in guides that can be quickly changed without the need to carry around a screwdriver. The guides themselves are also tapered now, which not only lends to a more streamlined aesthetic, but also improves the resistance, which helps to better keep the filters in place when making adjustments.

LEE says up to three filters can be used before any vignetting is visible. All of LEE's 100mm filters can be used in the new holder as well as the new LEE100 Polarizer.

The LEE100 filter holder is available at as a single unit and in various kit arrangements. Alone, the LEE100 filter holder is available at B&H for $96. The Deluxe kit, which includes the LEE100 filter holder, LEE100 Polariser, Big Stopper, LEE 0.6 ND medium grad, LEE 0.9 ND hard grad, LEE 1.2 ND medium grad, 50ml ClearLEE filter wash and ClearLEE filter cloth, is available at B&H for $739.