Sharing photos from a phone is easy as breathing these days, and we have Philippe Khan to thank for paving the way. In June 1997, he achieved a technological first that would be repeated countless times in the following decades: he shared a digital photo instantly.

It all came together just under the wire in the delivery room where his wife Sonia was in labor with their daughter, Sophie. He connected his Casio QV-10 camera to his laptop, and with a his flip phone rigged up to the laptop by way of a makeshift cable, the system was ready for Sophie's arrival.

His laptop was connected to a server at home, already configured to send email notifications to friends and family once his photo and text were transmitted. He snapped the photo, and an email with a link to the photo was sent out to 2000 people. There are a lot fewer cables involved in the process today, but basically, we're doing the same thing in delivery rooms twenty years later. New parents everywhere thank you, Philippe.