Instagram has been testing the feature for a few weeks already, but now it's official: version 7.15 of the Android and iOS app which is being pushed to users around the globe this week includes support for multiple accounts. This is good news for all Instagramers who have control over more than one account, for example a personal and business account, or several online persona.  

In the new version you can switch between up to 5 accounts. The process is explained in detail on the Instagram help pages but isn't difficult at all. You simply hit the menu button on the app's main page and then select the 'Add Account' option to log in to an additional account. Once that's done you can switch between accounts by tapping on the user name at the top of the screen and selecting the account you want to manage.

It's just a small improvement and has been long available on other social media apps, for example Twitter, but will certainly be appreciated by those who juggle more than one Instagram account from the same device.

Source: Instagram