Zeiss has announced a new ‘Edge’ bracket that brings iPhone 7 family support to the maker’s ExoLens PRO with Optics by Zeiss smartphone lenses. The bracket features half a dozen device inlays that support both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6 phones, as well as a cold shoe mount for attaching secondary accessories such as lighting instruments.

According to Zeiss, a bracket specifically for the iPhone 7 and the ExoLens optics is available now from camera stores, as well as a wide-angle ‘accessory lens.’ The Edge bracket, meanwhile, will be available at camera stores starting in the end of January. The company recommends that iPhone 7 Plus owners use either the ExoLens PRO Macro-Zoom or Wide-Angle lenses since the device already offers a 2x telephoto camera, however, all of the lenses are said to be ‘generally compatible.’

The iPhone 7 bracket is available now for $59.95 / €64.95, and the Edge bracket will be available starting next month for $49.95 / €59.95. The Wide-Angle lens recommended for the iPhone 7 Plus is $149.95 / €179.95, and the Macro-Zoom lens is $149.95 / €179.95.

Via: Zeiss