Shot on iPhone 7 by Erdem Summak

Recently we reported on the launch of Apple's 2019 'Shot on iPhone' photo contest and the complaints some professional photographers were having about the small print. Trevor Mahlmann for example, shared his thoughts in a post on Reddit.

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Essentially photographers were handing over exclusive commercial ownership of their images in exchange for photo credit.

It seems the complaints have not gone unnoticed, however, resulting in Apple clarifying its position. In an updated press release the company today announced it is planning to pay the winning photographers of its competition.

"Apple believes strongly that artists should be compensated for their work. Photographers who shoot the final 10 winning photos will receive a licensing fee for use of such photos on billboards and other Apple marketing channels."

The PDF with the official rules has been updated accordingly as well. We still don't know how much the licensing fee will be but Apple recognizing that an image worth putting on a billboard is an image worth paying for is a step into the right direction.

Apple's "Shot on iPhone" contest will run through February 7. Read our previous post to find out how to enter.