The Zenit M full-frame rangefinder digital camera made in collaboration with Leica is now available to purchase in the United States. The rangefinder features a 24MP CMOS sensor and Leica M39 mount; it is being sold with a 35mm F1.0 Zenitar manual focus lens.

This rangefinder model first started shipping in Europe in late 2018, later arriving in Russia earlier this year. The Zenit M's arrival in the US marks the latest expansion of this vintage brand camera, which was designed in Russia and produced in Wetzler, Germany.

The Zenit M is essentially a Leica M240 camera with the Zenit M logo, design changes and certain software-based differences, including support for only a few Zenit lenses. The model was first announced in 2016 by Russian factory Krasnogorsky Zavod and, after months of mystery, was finally unveiled in September 2018 as what is essentially a Leica camera.

A total of 500 Zenit M cameras are being put up for sale globally. Buyers in the US can get the camera as part of a kit that includes the 35mm F1.0 Zenitar lens, a case, a hardbound book and a collector's card for $6,995. The silver version of the camera is available to purchase now; the black version will be available 'soon.'