Customizable effects warp your image in live view or post-capture editing. 

A new release in the iOS App Store is ideal for breaking on through to the other side of mobile photography. Crazy Camera for iOS 6.0 or later takes your photos and creates trippier versions of reality.

While Crazy Camera may be unrealistic for everyday mobile photography, the niche app caters to photographers who may want to create a layer of crazy for their mobile art. Available in the iOS App Store for $0.99, Crazy camera has customizable effects to make your photos look like a kaleidoscope, light tunnel, black hole or heat map. 

In large doses, Crazy Camera’s effects can make you feel like you are drinking electric Kool-Aid, but certain uses of Crazy Camera can add a unique effect to mobile photos. Crazy Camera also allows for live visualization—a feature that can be useful for parties.