Nokishita has shared images and specifications for a new Leica camera it claims is the SL2.

According to the report, the new camera (codenamed Vader) will feature a 47-megapixel CMOS sensor and feature 4K video recording with a new ‘Cine Mode.’ The report also notes the camera will have both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and be compatible with Leica’s mobile app, FOTOS.

Based on the images, the front of the camera remains largely unchanged from the original Leica SL (Typ 601) with the exception of the viewfinder bump and edges around the grip, both of which have been rounded off compared to the sharper design of the original SL. The rear of the camera stays the same up top, but swaps the unlabeled buttons on both sides of the camera for a row of three buttons on the left-hand side of the rear display: a play, function and menu button.

There’s no additional information on pricing, but Leica Rumors points at a September release with a note that the camera could be pushed back to later in the year pending other factors.