When storage space on your smartphone becomes scarce, moving some of the images and videos in your camera roll to a cloud storage service usually solves the problem. However, frequently uploading files and then deleting them locally can start feeling like a chore. The newly released Camra apps aims to make things easier by uploading images and video straight to the cloud as you shoot. The added bonus is that you can keep shooting, even if you are out of storage, as Camra never stores the files locally.

A free Camra account offers up to 5GB of storage space but $0.99 a month buys you a full 100GB. If you'd like to give the app and service a closer look you can download Camra now from Google Play and the Apple App Store. Video is converted while it uploads which means it can be watched immediately, without having to wait for conversion after it has been saved on the Camra servers. Your contents can be viewed from any mobile device or via the Camra web interface. Of course you can share images and video with individuals and groups of people but you always retain control over your contents. Once an item is deleted, it is deleted for everyone. According to the Camra team Apple TV support is in the works as well.

Via: TNW