MyGearVault—the free app created by Jared Polin of Fro Knows Photo to track and protect your gear—is now available for Android users as well. No longer limited to iOS, Android users can now input, organize, and buy insurance for their gear, too.

We covered MyGearVault when it first arrived on the scene, a result of Polin's email inbox.

"I get more emails than I should with stories of how someone’s gear was stolen, and they want to crowd fund replacements, because they didn’t have insurance," says Polin. "The truth is, its not entirely their fault. There’s not a lot of education out there about proper insurance for creatives."

MyGearVault is Polin's attempt to change that. Whether you’re a working professional, a beginner, or a seasoned photo enthusiast, the free iOS and now Android app allows you to organize, keep track of, and even buy insurance for your gear.

When it first launched, we gave MyGearVault on iOS a shot and were duly impressed. It offers a straightforward way to organize and keep track of every piece of gear you own. And features like the option to export your gear list as a spreadsheet, get an insurance quote right from within the app and learn more about the options out there for protecting your gear are all welcome.

To learn more about the app, check out our original coverage and interview with Jared about MyGearVault, or download your own free copy on the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.