Sony has announced the impending release of a new Wireless Remote Commander that offers wireless control of Sony camera systems using Bluetooth connectivity.

The remote, officially named RMT-P1BT, operates entirely through Bluetooth connectivity and features a fast 0.05 seconds release time, which is more than fast enough for even the most precise of applications.

The Wireless Remote Commander features an external LED for indicating operation status and is also dust and moisture resistant with the ability to operate in extreme temperatures.

As for functionality, the RMT-P1BT offers focus buttons for manual control over focus changes, a customizable C1 button, Start/Stop buttons for movies and control over power-zoom or digital zoom as well. It shouldn't come as a surprise the RMT-P1BT also includes a dedicated Bulb mode that can be started and stopped with a button press so it doesn't need to be held down the entire time.

The RMT-P1BT Wireless Remote Comander works with Sony's a6400, A7III, A7RIII and A9 cameras. It will ship this April for $80 USD / $110 CAD. It will be available through authorized Sony retailers.

Sony Electronics Inc. Introduces New Remote Commander with Bluetooth Wireless Technology

New RMT-P1BT Provides Reliable and Precise Wireless Shooting

SAN DIEGO — February 26, 2019 — Sony Electronics Inc. has today introduced a new Wireless Remote Commander (model RMT-P1BT) via Bluetooth® wireless technology that provides a reliable, responsive solution for imaging enthusiasts that want to precisely control their camera during landscape shooting, architectural photography, astrophotography, still motion photography, group portraits and more.

The new RMT-P1BT wireless remote commander operates via Bluetooth connectivity, eliminating the need for wires, cables or receivers to connect the remote directly to the camera.The remote features an extremely fast response, within approximately 0.05 seconds release time-lag, that ensures the shutter can be released with precise accuracy.There is also an LED light that indicates operating status to camera by flashing or lighting continuously.Additionally, the remote is designed to resist dust and moisture plus hot and cold temperatures, offering reliable operation in a wide variety of environments and weather conditions.

To maximize control over camera functionality, the new RMT-P1BT wireless remote commander features focus buttons for manual control over subtle focus changes, a remote C1 custom button that can be adjusted based on users preferences.It also includes Start/Stop movie recording and control over power-zoom or digital-zoom functionality, making it the ideal accessory for remote movie shooting.For photographers that prefer to shoot on ‘Bulb’ exposure mode, the remote commander can be set to open and close the shutter with respective clicks of the main button, eliminating the need to press and hold the button throughout exposure time.

Pricing and Availability

The RMT-P1BT Wireless Remote Commander will ship this April for approximately $80 US and $110 CA. The remote commander will be sold at a variety of Sony’s authorized dealers throughout North America.

A variety of exclusive stories and exciting new content shot with the new remote commander in combination with other Sony’s Alpha™ products can be found at, a site built to educate and inspire all fans and customers of the Sony’s Alpha brand.

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