Tamron already has six full-frame Sony E-mount lenses in its lineup, but there’s another on the way. In a video shared on its YouTube channel earlier today, Tamron teased a new full-frame E-mount lens that appears to be a mid-range zoom lens.

The 18-second clip, embedded below, doesn’t divulge any additional details about the lens, but it does link to Tamron’s E-mount lens lineup page that shows how the forthcoming lens will stack up in size compared to the six current full-frame E-mount lenses — three primes and three zooms.

You can also see in the lineup photo the new lens will have what appears to be a focus locking switch sandwiched between the focus and zoom rings. Tamron’s 70–180mm F2.8 Di III VXD lens is the only current full-frame E-mount lens in the lineup to offer this switch.

We’ll keep you up to date, but you can also keep an eye on Tamron’s website for more information. There’s also Tamron Japan’s website, which sometimes posts press releases ahead of the U.S. site.