Photographer Linda Köhler-Sandring shot 888 professional portraits in 7,092 seconds, or just under two hours, on May 27 on Zingst, Germany, setting the Bounce-Wall speed shooting record. Linda Köhler-Sandring had the help of an assistant and used a mobile portrait studio that consisted of a Sunbounce Bounce-Wall reflector and a Mini Sun-Bouncer Black-Hole for a neutral background. 

Wolfgang-Peter Geller, owner and CEO of Sunbounce said: “We were able to prove that the combination of photography skills and the right equipment can produce professional portraits – regardless of the weather and lighting conditions – in no time at all.”

As a thank-you, each participant received a print of his or her portrait. The idea for the record was born last year when Linda Köhler-Sandring, who shoots a lot of weddings, was looking for a ways to make it possible to give a printed portrait of themselves to all guests at weddings. With usually hundreds of guests that tends to be impossible but using a mobile studio as described above and  photographing all subjects in the same style and with the same lighting can speed the process up considerably. It also cuts editing time down a lot as the same parameters can be used on all images.

We are not sure the Bounce-Wall speed record is acknowledged by any professional bodies or other organizations but in any case, shooting and editing such a large number of images in very little time seems an impressive achievement.