Holga Digital has launched a new hand-cranked instant photo printer that works with smartphones. The device is being funded on Kickstarter, where the company presents an Instax printer that "looks like a Holga 120 without the lens." It's crafted with molded polymer and works with any smartphone camera.

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The Holga Printer has a relatively unique design, requiring the user to unfold components into an elevated platform upon which a smartphone is placed. Printing requires the user to press the shutter, then hand-crank a knob to print the Fuji Instax instant photo. The device doesn't require batteries or wireless connectivity.

Holga Digital is offering backers a Super Early Bird Holga Printer for pledges of $51 ($398 HK). The device is estimated to start shipping to backers in March 2019 with global availability. Holga plans to release a mobile app for Android and iOS that'll launch alongside the printer. This app will allow users to apply Holga filters to digital images, as well as add text and icons. Supported effects include a color mode, black & white, double exposure, and Holga effect.

For more information and to secure your pledge, head over to the Kickstarter campaign.

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