A new eBay listing is offering a 76 x 99.7cm / 30 x 39.25in contact sheet created by commercial photographer Bert Stern that features a dozen images of Norma Jeane Mortenson, more widely known as Marilyn Monroe. The mounted photo worksheet, which is described as being in excellent condition, was acquired by the New York-based seller rarepics914 from 'an artist friend.'

The rare contact sheet features images captured during Stern's 'The Last Sitting' portrait series, which was notably Monroe's last photo shoot before she passed away due to a barbiturate overdose. Though the contact sheet shows some marks and minor wear from handling, it was kept safe for more than four decades in a storage facility, according to the seller, where it was protected from fading and damage.

The contact sheet is currently listed for sale on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $195,000 USD. Interested potential buyers can also make an offer and request to arrange a private viewing with the seller. Seller rarepics914 has a 100% rating with 633 confirmed reviews.