Is this Samsung's answer to Google Glass? This photo accompanied Samsung's patent with the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service.

Samsung has filed a patent with the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service for a device that looks an awful lot like Google Glass.

The patent for Samsung's "sport glasses" explains that the glasses will be able to "take phone calls and listen to music during workouts" with its integrated earphones.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung's wearable computer "is linked to a smartphone and displays alerts for information running on the phone, providing easy access to control when the users’ hands are tied with sports activities."

A translucent lens on Samsung's sport glasses shows information from smartphones. It would also appear that a camera is present in the corner of the display.

It is important to note that a patent filing in Korea does not necessarily mean that the product is actively under development. Samsung, as well as other big name tech companies, regularly file patents to protect the company's ideas, whether or not they will actually reach the market.

Electronics manufacturers are working to compete against Google during the impending Glass craze. Google Glass is expected to launch sometime next year, but competitors are working to get their own products on the market before Google. Microsoft recently revealed that it is testing its version of wearable computing. If smart glasses follow the precedent set by the smartphone market, then it is no surprise that Samsung would want to join in.