Novoflex has launched a trio of new Classicball tripod ball heads that can be mounted upside-down for producing level panoramas. The new lineup is comprised of the CB 2, CB 3 II and CB 5 II models, each able to accommodate cameras and gear weighing up to 5kg/11lbs, 8kg/17lbs and 12kg/26lbs, respectively. All three models feature a leveling bubble built into the base of the mount.

According to Novoflex, all three new Classicball models are compatible with all 'common' tripods, and each can be used with optional quick-release accessories. A lever on the side of the ball head clamps the camera into position; users can also adjust the friction using the blue 5-stop friction dial. Each model features a trio of 90-degree openings for positioning the camera fully backward, forward, and to the side. The ball head's design allows for 360-degree rotation, including in reversed (upside-down) mode, which itself supports optional L-bracket, plate and quick-release accessories.

The new Classicball models are available on Novoflex's website now for $495 (CB 2), $475 (CB 3 II) and $692 (CB 5 II).

Via: DIY Photography