French photographer Mathieu Stern has shared a new video on his YouTube channel that showcases footage shot with a Vest Pocket Kodak 127 film camera lens last used during World War 1.

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The Vest Pocket Kodak from Eastman Kodak was first released in 1912 as a compact pocket-sized camera. In 1915, the company introduced the Vest Pocket Autographic Kodak model in the United States, advertising it as the ‘soldier’s camera’ during the first World War. More than one million units of the soldier’s camera were sold and many remain available for sale on eBay for around $50 to $90.

Stern removed the lens from the Kodak camera and mounted it to a Sony A7 III using an M42 helicoid and M42 to C mount adapter using rubber bands. The video shows footage captured using this setup in Vienna, Austria. Stern showcases other unusual lenses on his website’s ‘Weird Lens Museum’ page.