DxO has released PhotoLab 2, an update to its PhotoLab image processing software. The updated version brings new features and improvements, including ClearView Plus, a new version of its haze removal and local contrast tool, as well as a new data and image management feature called DxO PhotoLibrary, and support for DCP color profiles.

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DxO presents its new ClearView Plus as a "revolutionary tool" that can strip haze from an image while enhancing local contrast. According to the company, this improved version of the tool enables the user to create "dramatic adjustments" without producing unwanted halos.

PhotoLibrary, meanwhile, offers a variety of features, including the ability to search for, select, sort, and display images. The feature offers dynamic search, which presents the user with suggests as they type the search query. Users can search for content based on various criteria, including name, extension type, and shooting parameters.

DxO is now offering PhotoLab 2 for both Mac and PC through its online shop. The software is offered at introductory prices until November 18, after which point the regular rate is applied. PhotoLab 2 Essential is $99.99 USD and will be $129 USD after the introductory pricing ends; PhotoLab 2 Elite is $149.99 USD currently and will be $199 USD after the promotion ends.