An article recently published in Brides magazine offered soon-to-be newlyweds some questionable advice on how to find a professional wedding photographer. Though it has since been edited, the original version of ‘Essential Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding Photographer’ included a paragraph suggesting consumers should only hire a photographer who uses a 'Cannon [sic] or Nikon' camera.

The article aims to provide advice on choosing a professional wedding photographer, however, it previously contained the following paragraph regarding questions the client should ask a prospective photographer:

What kind of equipment do you use?

“They should say either Cannon [sic] or Nikon, which are the most readily available professional cameras available,” says Tiffani. “However, there are professional and amateur cameras in both brands. A professional camera should be a ‘full format’ camera. This will ensure that you can print large-scale prints easily."

Brides has since updated the article without an editor's note to simply read, "Ideally, your photographer would use a readily available professional camera, Matsuura advises." 

Via: PetaPixel