Editor’s Note: (Wednesday, February 17, 2021 at 11:00 AM): It appears there are multiple times being cited by Sony in various regions that don’t align with one another when accounting for timezones. We have contacted a Sony representative and will clarify the article with more information when we receive a response.

Editor’s Note: (Wednesday, February 17, 2021 at 3:45 PM): Corrected the pricing estimate in USD, which at first didn’t take into account the VAT included in the EU pricing.

Sony Japan has brought live a new page on its website teasing a new cinema camera. The website, which suggests a smaller cinema camera is on the way, states the new product will be released at 11:00am JST on February 24 (2am GMT, 9pm ET February 23rd).

The webpage shows Sony’s Venice, FX9 and FX6 cinema cameras in order from largest to smallest form factor (from left to right), with an empty space to the right of the FX6 for what we can assume will be the smallest cinema line camera in Sony’s lineup.

While Sony Japan doesn’t divulge any further information on its teaser page, we’ve already seen leaked images of an unreleased Sony Cinema Line camera with the FX3 branding onboard. The camera shown in the leaked images show a compact cinema camera with a form factor similar to Sony’s a6000 line of mirrorless cameras. Aside from more customizable buttons and a slew of tripod mounts for a cage and accessories, the unannounced camera seen in the images also features a built-in vent for keeping the camera cool during recording, as well as a flip-out screen.

The reported price tag is €3,795 (~$3,500 when taking into account the 20% VAT) and rumors suggest the camera will have at least a CFexpress Type A card slot on board. Although some rumors suggested 8K recording capabilities, further reports are suggesting the video will max out at 4K recording at 120 frames per second (fps), which seems more likely given the form factor and pricing.

We will have an announcement post up when the camera, whatever it’s called and looks like, is released.