Italian tripod maker Manfrotto has updated its line of ball tripod heads. The new 490 center ball head is an affordable model designed with simplicity in mind. The entire head is controlled via single knob, making sure the new model is easy to use. It comes with Manfrotto's RC2 200LT-PL plate and allows for quick positioning of the camera into portrait orientation.

The company has also redesigned its 492 and 492LCD heads. Both models are manufactured in Italy and designed with ergonomics and convenience of use in mind. The LCD version comes with a cold shoe mount, allowing for mounting on top of a camera to hold external displays or others accessories via a 1/4-inch tripod mount.

The new heads are targeted at amateur photographers and have a payload of 4KG, making them ideal for smaller camera/lens combination, such as Micro Four Thirds mirrorless cameras or entry-level DSLRs.

At $50 (GBP 44.95) the 490 is the most affordable of the new center ball heads. The 492 is $60 (GPB 54.95) and the 292LCD will set you back $70 (GBP 64.95).