Camera bag manufacturer ONA has partnered with Bellamy Hunt, founder of Japan Camera Hunter, to release a limited-edition camera bag designed specifically for film photographers.

Officially named the ONA x Japan Camera Hunter Bowery camera bag, the messenger-style bag was 'developed closely with Bellamy Hunt [...] This edition of the Bowery bag features a number of modifications to ONA's best-selling style worldwide, with the film street photographer in mind.'

Specifically, the bag now features matte black solid brass hardware 'that will wear-in overtime to reveal the brass underneath, similar to the contact points of a vintage camera.' Also new is a trio of elastic bandolier looks to hold 35mm film canisters directly on the shoulder strip.

Inside, the rebranded bag is entirely black and now has two pockets dedicated for film, batteries and other accessories, while a zippered pocket on the back of the bag offers a little more security.

'This bag is the result of over a year of working out the finer details with ONA,' says Hunt in the press release. 'I wanted a shoulder bag, as I only carry one camera and a few items. But one that is simple, strong and geared towards the film shooter. The ONA Bowery was a great platform to start off with, but it needed some changes to suit my style.'

Only 230 of these bags will be made. Each will be hand-numbered and available exclusively through ONA's online store and a few select retailers in Europe and Australia.

The ONA x Japan Camera Hunter Bowery camera bag will officially launch on October 2nd, 2018 and is currently available for pre-order for $199.