A few months ago NetSE, the German company behind the Meyer Optik Görlitz, Emil Busch A.G. Rathenau, Oprema Jena, C.P. Goerz, Ihagee Elbaflex and A. Schacht brands filed for bankruptcy, leaving many consumers who had backed the company's brands on Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms out of pocket and without a product.

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It looked like NetSE's iconic brands would vanish for eternity but now it appears at least the Meyer Optik Görlitz brand will survive. Another German company, OPC Optics (Precision Components Europe GmbH), announced it has acquired the trademark rights to Meyer Optik Görlitz at the insolvency procedure of NetSE in Koblenz.

OPC Optics, a manufacturer of prototypes and small series of spherical and aspherical lenses, is planning to use the brand as a vehicle to enter consumer markets. The company says it will streamline the current Meyer Optik Görlitz lens portfolio and market lenses through traditional sales channels, so no more crowdfunding or pre-ordering.

In a press release the company also says that unfortunately it can't take on any of NetSE's obligations which means if NetSE hasn't delivered your crowdfunded lens, OPC won't do so either. It's good to see a traditional live on but given all the negative news around Meyer Optik Görlitz in recent months, OPC's move could be a risky one.