Jollyfy lets you select a theme before recording your video; some themes even allow for video within video. 

Just in time for Sunday’s Super Bowl, the Jollyfy app is inviting users to brand their videos shared via the app’s social network with Baltimore Ravens themes.

You can check out a sample theme here (you won’t actually need an account to view this sample, but to use the app you will).

Jollyfy was launched long before Vine, the six-second video sharing app from Twitter that’s recently made headlines mostly for the pornography users are sharing. It, too, is an iOS mobile video sharing service with a social component, but Jollyfy specializes in adding creative themes to videos which may be shared privately or publicly. The app's compression method allows for much longer videos to be shared quickly.

We recently had the chance to speak with the CEO of Neomat, makers of Jollyfy, Kris Ramanathan, who personally showed us around the app during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Some Jollyfy themes feel a little cheesey, but you can download more for free or create your own.

Jollyfy asks users to first select a theme for their video, from simple borders and text to complicated animations, even video within video. Options include the obvious celebratory "Just Married" and "Happy Birthday" themes, and get more creative and sometimes stranger from there. You can record up to two minutes of video which Jollyfy cleverly compresses to make for simple sharing via social media, e-mail and Jollyfy’s own social network. Video albums can be created in which groups of users share videos with a common theme.

Jollyfy encourages users to create their own themes using graphics and motion graphics software programs, offering instructions for how to do so on the Jollyfy website. An in-app “theme wizard” is in the works to allow users to create new themes within the app soon. Users can share their homemade themes, which opens up a world of marketing possibilities for brands and should also vastly improve the look of Jollyfy videos in the future as the majority of themes currently harken back to the days of 1980s clip art. 

So why no San Francisco 49ers themes for Jollyfy users? While you could create your own, Jollyfy’s maker Neomat also built and hosts the Baltimore Ravens mobile site