In February, Vivo introduced a concept phone called Apex that featured a bezel-free display and pop-up front-facing camera, among other things. That handset may be more than just a concept, though, based on a teaser included with Vivo's latest event invitation and a video advertisement it recently published.

Originally pointed out by The Verge, Vivo has released a 2018 FIFA World Cup advertisement that includes shots of what appears to be the Apex phone. In addition to the advertisement, Vivo has also released an invite for the company's June 12th event in Shanghai, China.

The invite, below, features an image of a smartphone with a full bezel-free, notch-free display.

In addition to both of the aforementioned features, Vivo's Apex concept phone also included an in-display fingerprint sensor that worked on the entire bottom half of the phone's screen. We see hints of that feature in the FIFA advertisement above. Earlier this year, Vivo unveiled the X20 Plus UD, the first smartphone to hit shelves with an in-display fingerprint sensor.

In the event invitation, Vivo merely stated that the production phone unveiled next month "continues Vivo's vision with Apex FullView Concept Smartphone." Assuming the production phone mirrors the Apex concept, the pop-up camera will be front-facing only.