Repix allows you to choose an artistic effect and then brush it onto your image selectively. Above, we've played with the Cartoonize brush just on the flower.
You can purchase additional brush sets within the app and try before you buy on a sample image. We've tested the Stars brush above.

Repix, a new addition to the Apple App Store, offers some of the same filter effects we've seen in a lot of other photo editing apps but lets you paint on each effect selectively via a variety of brushes. The measure of control could make for some creative results. 

We had a quick play using the iPhone 5 to explore the new offering, and found the user interface intuitive. There are also plenty of choices when it comes to brush effects, overall editing features -- from cropping to vignetting, import options and save and share choices. 

Nine brushes add effects like sun flares or developer stains to your images, along with an Eraser brush and an Undoer brush to revert portions of an image back to the original. The in-app store opens up more possibilities to brush on and lets you try before you buy on a sample image. Add-on packs range from $1.99 for four new brushes or $4.99 for all 12 available additional brushes.

One of the app's best features is its undo/redo arrows which are helpful as you experiment with Repix.