At Computex in Taipei recently, Chinese company Weeview Inc. showcased a USB-C dongle that adds another camera to an Android phone, enabling it to record stereoscopic 3D videos. Called Eye-Plug, this camera dongle records content simultaneously with either the rear or front-facing camera integrated in the handset; because it uses USB-C, the dongle can be inserted in either direction. 

A prototype version of Eye-Plug was demonstrated at Computex, and the company will, according to Engadget, begin production on a commercial version later on this year. Weeview plans to sell Eye-Plug for $35 and to eventually produce an iPhone version; it isn't clear whether a mini USB model will also be produced or if it will remain limited to USB-C devices (which is a pretty small group of phones at this point.)

No information on the dongle camera's resolution has been provided, though the product video below shows notable differences in quality and white balance between Eye-Plug's footage and footage recorded with the handset's own camera. It isn't clear whether the company's app will adjust the footage in post-processing to correct this issue. The video below suggests the app offers still image editing tools for selective adjustments made possible by layering two images taken simultaneously.

Availability for Eye-Plug was not provided by the company.