If you love unusual cameras and happen to have $20,000 burning a hole in your pocket, you'll definitely want to pop over to eBay and check out this fascinating gold ring/spy camera. That’s right. The ornate 14-karat solid gold ring you see above is actually a camera in disguise.

Spotted on eBay by The Phoblographer, the ring is believed to be one of only two in existence, and stands out for the fact that it’s made of solid gold. The other known model, which was sold by Christie’s auctions in 1991 to a jewelry collector for $25,000, was merely gold-plated.

According to the seller, the previous owner of this subminiature spy camera was a gentleman who goes by the name Mr. Shibata—a Japanese camera collector. As for who actually made the ring, no one seems to know. Its origins remain a mystery. Here's a closer look at this extremely unusual ring:

The ring weighs approximately 44 grams and has a ‘585’ stamp on the inside, certifying it as a solid gold piece. The ornate hand-engraved details appear impressively sharp for its age and, aside from a few scuffs, it looks to be in good condition.

As for the camera tucked away inside, the seller notes that it still functions. It features a variable aperture, a guillotine shutter, clean optics, and uses 8mm film wrapped around a custom film holder as its medium. The ring includes the film holder and a matching 14-karat solid gold cover to help it blend in—although you'll have to source your own film.

Screenshot of the eBay listing, with a Buy It Now price of just under $20,000 USD.

Considering the gold-plated version of this ring sold for roughly $5,000 more than this version is priced at, it could be considered a bargain. That said, the lack of history on who created it and where it came from might hurt its resale value if you were considering "flipping" it for a profit through an official auction house.

Regardless, if you find this piece fascinating and have money to spare, or even if you simply want to find out more information, head on over to the eBay listing.