Twitter has launched an update to its mobile apps for iOS and Android bringing a range of new photo filters. In addition to the added filter options, filter strength can now be adjusted via a slider, providing more control over the final result. 

We've installed the updated version on a Sony Xperia Z3 and found using the new functions to be very straightforward. After attaching an image to your tweet, you tap on the thumbnail to open up the filter dialogue. You can then scroll through the filter options and get a real-time preview. After a filter has been selected tapping on the filter icon brings up the filter strength slider.

If you've been using apps like Instagram or EyeEm to apply filters to your Twitter images you can now cut one step out of your workflow and edit in the Twitter app directly. If you haven't got the native Twitter app yet on your device you can download it from Google Play for your Android device or the Apple App Store for your iPhone.

The Twitter update brings a range of new photo filters.
Filter strength is adjustable via a slider.